Texture Tuesday and SNOW

An early posting on this Tuesday.  I’m up late getting things prepared for tomorrow’s snow day.  But I wanted to take a moment to post my Texture Tuesday photo taken Sunday when an unexpected storm hit the Jersey Shore.  We usually don’t have snow this early…rarely do we have a white Christmas but this year may prove different.

My thoughts are with the hostess of these photo postings, Kim Klassen.  She continues to be a blessing and an inspiration as she faithfully continues to keep us all on track despite her husband’s fight with cancer.


These are two pictures taken during the height of Sunday’s storm in my own front yard.Image

The hydrangeas may be brown and long past bloom but they make a wonderful globe for snow!


An azalea bush buried in the snow with a single bloom braving the cold.

If you love great photography and special people be sure to visit Kim’s blog today…she’s special to many, many people not only because of her generous nature in sharing her work but in keeping on top of that work while fighting along side her beloved husband, John.  This holiday season why not light a candle for them…I’m going to light a mantle full of them and post that in my Friday Finds.  Happy Holidays everyone from a Jersey Shore Girl!


Linky for Photoshop users

Good Wednesday evening to y’all.  I’ve been running like a wild woman all day and since it was my turn to make dinner I fixed stuffed pork chops which are now simmering/melding/baking/cooking in the oven.  That gives me an hour to pop in and serve up a great link for anyone who is hooked on Adobe Photoshop brushes.  http://myphotoshopbrushes.com/brushes/textures/downloads/ has some amazing texture brushes which I’ll be using in my Art of Texture workshop with Kim Klassen.  I’ve been so busy I totally missed Texture Tuesday but if I have a moment tomorrow I want to share some pieces I’ve been working on with my own textures.  Great evening to you all!

Happy Veteran’s Day Daddy!

This is a self-portrait of my Dad during WWII.  He was only 21 in this photo…10 years younger than any of our family’s many children.  I spent my life as his main model and even today I think of him every time I pick up my camera.  I miss you Daddy!!  Hope you would have been proud of my accomplishments!  Image

SHOW – SHOt of the Weekend

Something new and interesting for Monday morning…showing your favorite shot of the past weekend.  Here is my DH’s favorite cat, Snoopy with an overlay of black scratched road tar.  Since this was a low light shot there was a bit of shake and blurriness in the photo anyway so I decided to exaggerate it with a grubby overlay.  Image

BOO! and Happy Halloween too!


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Still waiting for the first Halloweener to arrive 😦  It seems that since the neighborhood has changed and a lot of folks have moved off the block we don’t get many trick or treaters.  Those young kids who live in other parts of the neighborhood stay to the inside streets…since our street meets a heavily traveled county road I think that most children have been told to stay away.  But EVERY year I buy candy…I figure the year that I stop doing that is the year they will arrive en masse. 

Today a little package arrived from Amazon.  Inside were my rechargeable batteries, camera battery charger and a CamKix universal clip-on lens for my iPhone 5.  There’s a fish eye, macro & wide angle…I got it primarily for the macro so that I could create overlays from photos of moss, dirt, concrete, etc.  Here are a few shots I’m putting into my overlay folder.  Don’t be like me and snack on the leftover candy!


Moss on the shed roof.



Cracks in the wheelbarrow tire. 



The bottom of the grill brush!  Yuck!



Here is a photo of my favorite cat, Sebastian laying on my lap done with an overlay of moss and rust.   Gotta LOVE photoshop CS6 and adjustment layers!

WOYWW – October 30, 2013


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This is the workdesk that I hope to see more often in my future.  I was heavily involved in artistic photography back in the ’90s.  As life would have it the matter of ‘making money’ got in the way and I found I had to return to traditional arts/crafts to make a living.  I’ve been blogging almost exclusively about my Ning site, artdemos.com in past posts.  After a LOT of thought and tears I’ve decided that at 64 I NEED to return to my cameras.  The stress of trying to make over 900 people happy with classes and posts has taken its toll.  Of course, my husband’s disabling stroke also played a BIG part in this…it’s not hard to pocket a camera when I go out with him, but taking huge chunks of time to spend in my studio isn’t practical.

But as luck would have it…he doesn’t want me to go back to photography but stay with my profitable teaching site.  There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium at this point but I’ll keep at it.  In the meantime here is my contribution to WOYWW.  This is where my heart is invested right now…making art at my computer.


This was a shot I snapped while walking my dog and trying to get him to get down to business.  The sight of that one rust leaf in a sea of green spoke to me and demanded I pay attention.


My workdesk, whether here at my computer or out in the studio has never been so clean.  I tend to just lay things down and carry on.  I couldn’t find my camera’s battery charger yesterday so I had to do a clean-up to try and find it…alas, not.  But since I have Amazon Prime it will be here tomorrow along with a few other goodies I couldn’t resist!


Of course NO day is complete without that first cup of Java.  I just purchased a box of Starbucks k-cups and OH MY! that’s some good cafe coming out of my Keurig nowadays.  WOYWW1cThe last shot is of my blog with last night’s posting.  It was for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesdays.  I’m trying to find challenges around the net to keep me busy and on task with my photography.  I’m so loving Sebastian Michaels  advanced photoshop course http://photoshopartistry.kajabi.com as well as Phil Steele’s basic photoshop training at steeletraining.com.  Since I’ve been away from the computer for so long I am now have busy adding to my stash of overlays from Melissa http://www.keriyooremix.com/collections/all (very reasonable prices and a great deal of grungy textures); Kim Klassen http://www.kimklassencafe.com/; and Shana Rae at http://www.florabellablog.com/.  These are the ladies and gentlemen who I like spending time with nowadays.  If you’re into photoshop or photography you might want to check out their sites…you won’t be sorry!  Have a great week y’all!

Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday


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This is week two in my participation in Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesdays.  Ever since my decision to spend more time on my photography I feel a certain sense of rightness and calm.  I also see things in the most unexpected places.  This leaf had fallen in my garden and I noticed the light and how it reflected off this one golden brown leaf amongst a bed of bright green.  Since I was encouraging my dog to get down to business I’m amazed that I even noticed it at all. 

This was taken with my iPhone 5 and then altered with layers and adjustment layers in Photoshop CS6.



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I didn’t really know how to title this because this post is about a LOT of things but mainly women and how we strive to do everything possible to keep others happy…sometimes at the expense of our own happiness. 

I recently finished a workshop at Art Demos.  While most of the students had little to say either good or bad, one woman took the opportunity to thoughtfully criticize/critique the class based on her past experience with online workshops.  While it was thoughtfully done and in no way cruel or mean spirited, it brought me up short.  This time I’d thought I’d ‘nailed’ that video.  How could I have been so wrong?  And am I really wrong or just wrong in this person’s eyes?  And what is ‘wrong’ anyway…a difference of opinion really on how someone does something compared to how you do or would have done it.  While delivered in a kind and careful manner, this email made me cringe.  At 64, with a stroke disabled husband to contend with, I’m not sure that putting myself ‘out there’ is something I want to keep on my bucket list. 

My son purchased the domain name back in 1999; a gift to me on HIS 23rd birthday because he knew I wanted to ‘get off the road’ and teach.  After all I had been an Art Education major in college, I had just lost my Dad and I was tired of dragging carloads of arts & crafts from state to state.  In 1999 though, the technology didn’t match up to the dream so I shelved it and spent the next 12 years dealing with cancer, bankruptcy and other family members dreams and disappointments.  Then in September of 2012 I dusted off my son’s hopes for Art Demos and set about making it a reality.  I blogged, facebooked, pinterested, tweeted, linkedined, and emailed about it for months and then set about teaching what I knew.  The dream finally became the reality.  In all of the frenzy of bringing it to life, however, I failed to consider whether or not this was MY reality, MY dream, MY future. Why?  Because we as woman are by our very nature, nurturers.  We go ‘to the wall’ for those we love.  And we do so without question, often at the expense of our own health; both mental and physical. 

So here I sit at a computer blogging about my latest crisis and trying desperately to figure out what I’m going to do about it.  Do I continue on this path knowingly leaving myself vulnerable to future critiques; albeit well intentioned ones?  And why is it so important to me anyhow what people think of me?  Shouldn’t I have become self-actualized by this age?  Or will I never fulfill my own inner needs because I was taught early on to see myself as the least important part of any equation? 

For weeks, maybe even months, there has been an inner whisper.  A longing to pick up my cameras again.  To get back behind the lens and capture moments that no one else will ever see in quite the same way.  I want to lean into these desires; to embrace them fully and completely.  But the practical self, the one who knows the extent of our frangible financial state wants me to ‘man up’ and just do it.  To not think about the dreams that are teetering at the edge of consciousness because those dreams are impractical and a poor investment in a sound financial future.  So here I sit; mentally going round and round in ever widening circles of indecision.  Nothing will be decided today or perhaps even this month.  But soon…very, very soon I am going to have to take the reigns of my own destiny.  But for the moment I’m allowing myself the luxury of creative play and creating something special for Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds.

Kim Klassen dot Com

For those who may be curious, this is the process of creation for the photo above.

  • 2 original photos (roses & cloudy sky)
  • kk_deardreamer – normal 100%
  • kk_gratitudescratched – soft light 100%
  • kk_2801 – soft light – 100%
  • kk_autumn – overlay -56%
  • text: Lindsay Supercalligraphix manipulated by transform tool in CS6 to fit
  • Light grunge brush set to eraser at normal – 76%