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ICAD Day 3 & 4

Because Monday was my husband’s rehab I didn’t have a chance to do much other than start and stop the car. I haven’t been happy with my first two days…it felt like work to me. So today I switched to my left hand and started drawing. Cats, birds, moons, stars and old hags have appeared from the point of my sketching pencil. I colored them in with watercolor crayons and accented them with a Pitt pen & a grease pencil. For Day #5 I may do everything with my left…using my non-dominant hand always allows my inner child artist to come out and play and makes me, the critical thinker & perfectionist, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The little cat above has shown up in about 2 dozen drawings that I did today. Being the cat crazy mother of 8 furballs I’m never happy with realistic drawings of my babies. This little guy gives me great pleasure and is as whimsical as I’m capable of at the moment.