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I didn’t realize just how much it would mean to me to take on this challenge.  I’ve been in the art business since the early 70’s and it’s always been about what would sell and not what I would like to paint.  Maybe it was my husband’s stroke in April or maybe it was my birthday that took place 3 days before that…but suddenly I realize that I need to make ME happy and not just make art that sells.

This ICAD challenge has given me a reason to do ANYTHING that comes to mind and to do it on a cheap 3×5 index card so that there is not a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved in its creation.  These are the two latest pieces.  Day #5:Image

and this is one I did today for Day #6Image

As each day passes and I am ‘forced’ to be free, I find I’m inspired and so very happy to be using my artistic skills in such simple but creative ways.