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I don’t remember when I’ve allowed myself to just PLAY and not thought about whether or not it would please someone else!  This ICAD challenge has been so liberating…every day making ART that doesn’t need to be permanent or special or for sale.  I really can’t remember when I did anything without estimating how much I could make on the outcome.  Even as a child I would go around the neighborhood selling stuff.  I remember the summer it was a wagon full of maple trees that sprouted up from the previous fall crop of ‘whirlygigs’.  I was charging a quarter…and this was the early 60’s so you KNOW I was serious about my profit margin…LOL  Anyway…I’m totally in LOVE with the characters who have arrived in my studio…the kitty and the crone are stealing my heart…so ugly that they’re cute!  Here’s Day #11’s offeringImage

Check out the tissue paper gelli print pull…about 5 different plates went into this tissue paper print.