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The first in a series of Gelli Plate printmaking classes will begin on August 5th on Art Demos.  The workshop will run Monday thru Friday in the first week of August and will show you new ways to use your Gelli Plate!  Gelli printmaking is an addictive hobby and after the initial investment for the cost of the plate it’s a relativity inexpensive hobby to pursue.  It’s also GREAT FOR KIDS because the supplies are non-toxic and child friendly…as long as he or she is wearing a smock or old clothing.  It’s been proven that even an artistically challenged husband can make great pieces!

The cost of the class is $30 until July 20th.  After July 20th it will be $35.00 so sign-up early for guaranteed ‘seating’ in the class.  There will be three days of video and two days of informative PDFs that will answer any questions that may come up during the classes.  There is no time limit on the class as it will be ‘doors open 24/7/365 until forever’.  I hope to see you in the class as I share my LOVE of the GELLI PLATE and get you hooked on the. most. addictive. hobby. EVER!!!  Just click here to join the FUN atArt Demos.