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Firstly…it’s my precious daughter’s 34th birthday…Happy Birthday LaLa!!


Secondly…today is the day that the second installment of my “Art of the Gelli” class goes live and ready for registration.  We already have a lot of folks who were in the Art of the Gelli Part One who are continuing their exploration of the @GelliArts gel printing plate. 

In this installment we’ll be exploring the old but totally updated art of collography.  Using handmade printing plates we’ll create pieces that can be further enhanced with paints, glitters and sparkles or left as monotone prints.  I’m so excited to breathe life into this little used art form because the @GelliArts gel plate is the perfect tool to use when creating unique monoprints.



Here is a piece that I’ve handcolored…so many pieces made…so little time to scan them! Hope you’ll join us on Art Demos