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As with any new art form there is a learning curve.  Some people are satisfied with staying inside the box once that learning curve is hit, while others (myself included) always want to see how far they can push the envelope.  And so it is with the latest craze…the GelliArts printing plate.

Many artists are using this plate with stencils & stamps and are happy with what they’re producing.  Since I bore easily I took it upon myself to explore…to see just how far I could push it.  That resulted in a series of video workshops on Art Demos called “Art of the Gelli”.  Part one debuted August 1st.  Part two starts October 21st.  The third and final one will be up and running in early 2014.

For right now, I’m happy creating interesting prints with an old process called collography.  In this new workshop I’ll be showing how to make printing plates that will create prints that can be hand colored with a variety of media or left plain and enjoyed for what they are…an interesting monochromatic print.