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Busy, busy, busy working in the studio this weekend on Art of the Gelli Part Two 🙂  for Art Demos.  I’m actually glad that I didn’t get in to record when I had planned because in the interim I worked out a glitch that had been bugging me!  Now I’m ready and set to go!  Will emerge on Sunday evening and perhaps have some screen shots of what I’ve accomplished thus far!  This second part is going to ROCK!!!  

I had no idea how much the #GelliArts plate could actually do once you started thinking outside the box!  I’ve got so many ideas that this may actually lead to a FULL YEAR OF CLASSES!!!  Anyone up for a “Year with the Gelli & Friends”?  I’ve got some great projects that have come out of my experimenting…enough to fill a once a month class for the year of 2014!  I’m thinking that students who are already members of the classes should get a discount on a year’s worth of workshops so stay tuned…It’s possible that A YEAR WITH THE GELLI & FRIENDS could become a possibility 🙂

If you have specific ideas for what you’d be interested in learning…I hope that you will let us all know.  You can either do it in the Forum section of artdemos or join Cat’s Playhouse on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/CatsPlayhouse/and express your desires to LEARN.  

Just an FYI y’all…there are 857 members of artdemos but a minute fraction of you ever interact with us 😦  I’m not sure why but I’m making a promise to you all…right here, right now…if there is something that YOU want to LEARN just ask me!  I have been experimenting with art forms and craft techniques since 1963.  If I don’t know how to do it…it hasn’t yet been invented so let’s invent on Art Demos