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Having lived through my husband’s cancer and now the aftermath of his debilitating stroke I know what it’s like to live that part of the vow : ‘for better or worse, in sickness & in health’.  But even living with my own burden does not mean I can pretend to understand what Kim is dealing with right now.  Her beloved husband John is undergoing cancer treatments which means they must be many miles from their home.  He must endure countless days of pain and Kim must live through her own kind of pain.  BUT…through it all she remains strong and vigilant with her blog and workshops…and that, my friends, takes a special kind of woman.  So for Kim & John I dedicate this week’s Texture Tuesday’s photo.


Altered with Kim’s texture: “Enlightened” as well as many of my own overlays.  If you’re a photographer and you haven’t tried altering photos with textures may I suggest that you stop over and join Kim’s Texture Tuesdays.  And in today’s post get a peek at her long awaited Waterfront Texture collection!