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This is the workdesk that I hope to see more often in my future.  I was heavily involved in artistic photography back in the ’90s.  As life would have it the matter of ‘making money’ got in the way and I found I had to return to traditional arts/crafts to make a living.  I’ve been blogging almost exclusively about my Ning site, artdemos.com in past posts.  After a LOT of thought and tears I’ve decided that at 64 I NEED to return to my cameras.  The stress of trying to make over 900 people happy with classes and posts has taken its toll.  Of course, my husband’s disabling stroke also played a BIG part in this…it’s not hard to pocket a camera when I go out with him, but taking huge chunks of time to spend in my studio isn’t practical.

But as luck would have it…he doesn’t want me to go back to photography but stay with my profitable teaching site.  There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium at this point but I’ll keep at it.  In the meantime here is my contribution to WOYWW.  This is where my heart is invested right now…making art at my computer.


This was a shot I snapped while walking my dog and trying to get him to get down to business.  The sight of that one rust leaf in a sea of green spoke to me and demanded I pay attention.


My workdesk, whether here at my computer or out in the studio has never been so clean.  I tend to just lay things down and carry on.  I couldn’t find my camera’s battery charger yesterday so I had to do a clean-up to try and find it…alas, not.  But since I have Amazon Prime it will be here tomorrow along with a few other goodies I couldn’t resist!


Of course NO day is complete without that first cup of Java.  I just purchased a box of Starbucks k-cups and OH MY! that’s some good cafe coming out of my Keurig nowadays.  WOYWW1cThe last shot is of my blog with last night’s posting.  It was for Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesdays.  I’m trying to find challenges around the net to keep me busy and on task with my photography.  I’m so loving Sebastian Michaels  advanced photoshop course http://photoshopartistry.kajabi.com as well as Phil Steele’s basic photoshop training at steeletraining.com.  Since I’ve been away from the computer for so long I am now have busy adding to my stash of overlays from Melissa http://www.keriyooremix.com/collections/all (very reasonable prices and a great deal of grungy textures); Kim Klassen http://www.kimklassencafe.com/; and Shana Rae at http://www.florabellablog.com/.  These are the ladies and gentlemen who I like spending time with nowadays.  If you’re into photoshop or photography you might want to check out their sites…you won’t be sorry!  Have a great week y’all!