I’ve been on the net for 15 years as Carolyn, a Jersey Girl. I’m an artist, online workshop instructor and a born & bred ‘clamdigger’ from the Jersey Shore. I’ve been at this ART business for over 40 years and now I want to share a thing or two of what I’ve learned. My son suggested that I share what I’ve learned on the net…but that was 15 years ago, right after my father’s death and the technology just wasn’t there. But my son believes in miracles and for his 22nd birthday he gave ME a website: Art Demos. For 14 years it was just a name in cyberspace but then a miracle happened! I took an online class with a marvelous new artist and realized that I knew more than she did and it was time to start sharing what I knew…artdemos.com finally was birthed in October of 2012. Then four things happened to stop me in my tracks:

  • Superstorm Sandy
  • a necessary move of my studio for
  • my daughter’s return home with hubby in tow followed two weeks later with
  • my dear hubby’s debilitating stroke

It’s June 2, 2013 as I write this and I’m working to fulfill my promise to my son and make that website an actual money-making business. To do that I need to devote time along with a few tears and a lot of sweat. But I’m determined! I have so much that I’ve learned over the last 42 years as a professional artist and I’m ready to share. If I build it, they WILL come…this I believe!


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